Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gospel Writing and Canon
An interesting new book Francis Watson, Gospel Writing: A Canonical Perspective apparently deals with numerous issues including Gospel sources:
Front Cover

Table of Contents
  • Part One: The Eclipse of the Fourfold Gospel
    • 1. Augustine’s Ambitious Legacy
    • 2. Dismantling the Canon: Lessing/Reimarus
  • Part Two: Reframing Gospel Origins
    • 3. The Coincidences of Q
    • 4. Luke the Interpreter
    • 5. Thomas versus Q
    • 6. Interpreting a Johannine Source (Jn, GEger)
    • 7. Reinterpreting in Parallel (Jn, GTh, GPet)
  • Part Three: The Canonical Construct
    • 8. The East: Limiting Plurality
    • 9. The West: Towards Consensus
    • 10. Origen: Canonical Hermeneutics
    • 11. Image, Symbol, Liturgy
    • In lieu of a Conclusion: Seven Theses on Jesus and the Canonical Gospel
 It seems Watson accepts the Farrer-Goodacre 'no-Q' stance as Q “entails a radical reconstruction of Christian origins” (p118). But how a theory has been used by some scholars need not be confused with what the theory entails.

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